Limited vacancies now available. Waiting list for 2020 start dates.

About Us


Jo's professional background has been in the Childcare Industry since leaving college in 1997.  Working as a private nanny and then pursuing her dream and opening up her first setting in Bexleyheath back in 2003.  Jo's passion for Early Years is shown in her drive to offer high quality childcare, without compromise.

Kevin, whose background has previously been in Banking, IT and Data Compliance has always remained a supportive role to Jo in the Bexleyheath setting but has taken on an active role as a Director at Barnehurst. his drive for success and  to support the Nursery into building a successful and reputable business where our reputation speaks for itself. 

Our Ethos

Our ethos has always been to offer high quality childcare, in a way where we can enrich the lives of the children we care for, offering them the best opportunities, inspiring their imagination & extending their curiosity.  All this, whilst also offering them a firm foundation in their early years education in a well thought our and safe environment.