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Fees, Funding & Supplements

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Funding Supplements Explained

As you may be aware already with campaigns like 'Champagne Nurseries, Lemonade Funding' being hot in the media at the moment that the hourly funding received from the government doesn't cover the basic costs for most providers to remain sustainable and maintain high quality standards consistently.  At Next Generation we use the allocated monies, which are calculated for 38 weeks per year, stretched across 51 weeks per year and minus the funding received from your monthly invoice, to reduce your childcare costs equally throughout the year. 

Funding received does not cover additional costs such as; meals, drinks, nappies, outings, additional activites (Spanish/Football etc), additional administration tasks, childrens learning journey and so on.  The supplements help to meet the gap in funding without compromising our standards. 

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Bexley's Local Offer